World Civilizations is a interesting study of 5,000 years of history on Earth. During this course you will be able to critically think about the world by studying primary resources from transcripts of interviews, films usually non-fiction, map and timeline work, projects using technology, current issues and events in the world and by using a lot of discussion groups and some simulations of historical events with peers, in the form of classroom discussions and groups work and blogging and written assignments work and papers using this site and others as a forum. There are activities that involve all types of learning styles:auditory, tactile, visual, etc. I believe this will be one of your best courses in high school. It is important to stay current with the material and to be present in class physically, mentally and use a open mind(hear and think about all viewpoints( as you share your own and more fully develop your view of the world and others) and participate in the activities and discussions.